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Ever since Jonah was abducted from Red's cabin, she's been tireless in her search for him. But when a moment of inattention leads to her capture, she wonders whether her foolish bravery will only get her killed along with him. Braeden, lea...
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Forever Wicked: Risking Red
Jonah and Braeden might be tough alpha wolves who can tear an enemy apart in seconds, but they're putty in the hands of one human: Red, the woman who saved them from losing their humanity to the beasts dwelling inside them. They'll do anyt...
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Forever Wicked: Trusting Red
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It should have been just another ordinary stroll through the woods for Red, but when she finds a wounded wolf by the edge of the road, she can't help but stop. Her kind, gentle heart ensures she won't let a creature suffer, no matter how d...
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Forever Wicked: Commanding Red
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