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Kelly spent her childhood honing her craft and torturing her younger sister with tales of the beasts and ghouls that lived under her bed, waiting to nibble on uncovered toes. When her short story devoted to Abraham Lincoln received 5 gold stars and was displayed in the school office she decided right then and there at the age of seven that her ultimate dream was to become an author. 


A lover of romance and strong characterization, Kelly believes that any story worth reading should have a hero/heroine that the reader can fall in love with. She is currently living her dream, writing sizzling tales of suspense with paranormal elements, as well as contemporary and humorous romance.  All of her books contain highly sensual love scenes and sexual tension that will make your heart race!

She also runs the author promotion website Author Autobahn - The Fast Lane To Book Promotion!
Kelly has lived in Los Angeles and Baltimore, and now resides in Tucson, with three of her five daughters, an assortment of furry "kids" and her geeky soulmate.
She would love to hear from you with questions, comments or suggestions.
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Never having lived up to her father's expectations since she was born the wrong sex, Melony Shepherd is a high-powered, high-strung attorney by day, reclusive emotional cripple by night. Melony searches for a way to find the inner peace and true cour...
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Braving the Storm

A Peek Into the Life of Kelly Wallace

This is our cat Carrot Cake

This is our cat Carrot Cake
My furry son Barnaby

My furry son Barnaby
Our trip to Disneyland in 2007--These are my girls!

Our trip to Disneyland in 2007--These are my girls!
An artistic shot by Sarah, my 4th daughter

An artistic shot by Sarah, my 4th daughter

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