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  Jillian Lewis isn’t looking for love. Jack Monroe is a well-known bachelor. But when their worlds collide, which one will take the plunge first?   New at the law offices of Monroe & Monroe, Jillian Lewis isn&rsquo...
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In Water's Deep
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  If you were given one wish, a chance to change a single event from your past, present, or future, would you? When Dylan arrives home to reconcile with her father before the Grim Reaper comes to sweep him away, she is given that exa...
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The Sweetest Gift
When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her—in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment-phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath? To Carmen, the wildly beautiful Dani is ...
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Forbidden Desires
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Gabriela Swanson wanted one thing, to be a well known writer at Graven, the most prestigious Goth magazine in the country.  When an inside source gives her the opportunity of a lifetime, she finds herself in a hostage situation with a man who...
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When Alexa took a job in Ireland searching for the lost O'Shea treasure, she had no idea what she signing up for. Between vivid dreams, ghosts, and the old Irish legend that surrounds the castle, she is overwhelmed. When she finds out the ...
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The Legacy Keeper's Treasure

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