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Ken Charles is the darker and naughtier alter ego of Charlie Kenmore, the author of Earth Angel and other Seven Realms Tales, several screenplays and numerous short stories. He started writing corporal punishment (CP) erotica after coming home frustrated one night after being stood up on a first date. Originally intent on writing a “WHACK-OUCH-WHACK-OUCH” tale just to vent some spleen, Ken's plan was foiled when the story actually took on a life of its own and developed a plot line. It became one of Ken's most popular stories. Since then, Ken has taken CP from the bedroom to outer space. Whether set forth in flash fiction or in a novella, rubifaction is guaranteed.

He is a 53 year old professional from St. Louis, Missouri with one very significant other, two grown kids, and two cats.  He enjoys collecting books, art and cooking.  An avid garage sale hunter, he is still searching for an oil painting by Edouard Leon Cortes (or anything from the Drip and Drool School like Pollack or Rothko that can be sold so he can buy his Cortes).  You can find Ken Charles on Facebook, and Charlie Kenmore on Facebook and at the Seven Realms Earthside Communications Center,

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Current Releases

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Wicked Myths, Fairy Tales, and Things That Go Whack in the Night

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Slightly Twisted Sisters

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Billy's Tale: Sex Tales From West County

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Venus and Marks

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Two Sides of a Bent Mind

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The Mercies of Cinderella

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The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen

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