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Ken Haramiru lives in a large city on America's west coast, and works as a tiny faceless cog in a large corporation. He's married and owns several adorable pets, but only his sidekicks know that he's actually an erotica author. This will make for some interesting discussions around tax time next year, however.

Ken has written science fiction off and on since his teens, but tends to get blocked and has rarely finished any. But one day, he got frustrated with a block and wrote a sex scene. To his surprise, he was able to finish it. From that point forward, Ken was officially an erotica author.

If you want to know what Ken's up to lately, you should follow him on Twitter at @haramiru or read his blog (linked from this page).

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Current Releases
While attending a funeral in a church, Brent can't help but notice a girl who sits in front of him wearing, in place of a dress, a simple black shirt over her underwear. From the glimpse of her panties as she sits down, to the knowing grin she...
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She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral
Reborn as the irresistible Progenitor, a World War 2 veteran is out to spread the next stage of human evolution. His new, alien-built body exudes pheromones which make every woman around him want him. But his altered genetics have added a few optimiz...
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