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Kendel Davi was born in New York City.

The reason I say “born” is because, when I was living there, I started to see the world for everything it has to offer. The experiences I had were the seed that bloomed into the writer that I am today.

However, the journey has not been a easy one and yet it has been very rewarding. When you allow yourself to open up and not judge but listen, you can’t help but grow and with that comes a greater understanding of humanity. Whether you are LBGT or straight, no matter what you enjoy, it’s all linked to making a connection.

So why have a focus on writing ethnic erotica?

Well, I see this world through the eyes of a person of color, yet that doesn’t limit what I write about. It only adds the stories that I create. Whatever ethnicity that develops in my head when I’m creating a character I’ll write about.  Whether they are East Indian, African, Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian, Caucasian, Pacific Islander or mixed I trust what’s in my head and go for it.  It can be humorous, emotionally challenging or down right sensual. The object is to get the reader involved and feel something.

For me it’s all about diversity. Skin tone, body shape, sexual orientation…  The truth lies behind why a character wants what they want. Once you know what that, the rest is just the journey to show it. It’s a colorful, multifaceted world we live in so why not try to explore ever aspect of it?

So, I welcome those of you who want to follow my journey. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Kendel has work published through Naughty Nights Press and the short story “Tongue Tied” won 2nd Place as part of the 1st Annual Short Story Competition.

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