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Anne Rothman was born in New York City and would have been content to stay there except that her parents had other ideas, resulting in a few years of exile to Scarsdale, New York.  Kenneth Hicks grew up in Abingdon, Pennsylvania and would have been content to live there also, but life calls, doesn’t it?

When Anne was a student at Bryn Mawr College and Ken was a student at Haverford College, they began writing together in an independent-study course they initiated with one of Ken’s favorite professors.  Anne had a bit more trouble convincing the powers-that-be at Bryn Mawr that two people could work on one writing project -- a book for children – without at least one of them sleeping all the time or doing other nefarious things that exist only in the imaginations of administrators.  “How can this be graded?” they wanted to know.  The fact that Haverford had no such issues may tell you all you need to know about those two institutions of higher learning back in the Sixties – so long ago and far away.

A brief interlude ensued while Anne wrote wonderful poetry and Ken wrote a book about hitchhiking (The Complete Hitchhiker Tobey Publishing, Dell Distribution), but they soon got back together as writers when Ken was in law school at Columbia University and Anne was paying the rent by working in publishing.  Their dream was that Thick Coming Fancies, which was the name of their first novel, would be a success and Ken would never even have to pass the bar exam.  (Talk about fancies!)

Alas, that book is still on the upper shelf of their closet, but they kept at the writing business.  In 1984, they publishedTheft of the Shroud, a novel, through Banbury books, distributed by Putnam.  That same year they also published a series of 10 books based on the most popular boy’s and girl’s names, and a children’s book about the constellations.  At this time, Ken stopped practicing law for two years as they devoted themselves full-time to writing and their children. However, children need to eat and be clothed and go to school, and these things all cost money, so Ken went back to practicing law.  Still, they continued to write, and rewrite, and rewrite some more.

In May of 2013, Anne and Ken published Kate and the Kid, through Wings ePress. Kate and the Kid is the story of a young woman living in New York and working in publishing (see any connections?) who loses her job and has a major fight with her lawyer boyfriend (who bears no resemblance to Ken). Under those trying circumstances, Kate thinks that the last thing she needs is to have to take care of someone else’s troublesome six-year-old child.  As it turns out though, that is exactly what she needs. 

Kate and the Kidis available in all formats at and on Amazon at where you will also find some very flattering reviews.

Another novel, entitled Mind me, Milady, has just been published by Barbarian Books. Now, the heroine is a lawyer (although her name is Eve) and she is in the process of closing the storefront law practice of her deceased mother at the same time that she is being stalked by a serial rapist on New York’s Upper East Side. Eve wants to get back to her corporate law practice, but she is increasingly drawn to the people she has to represent as her mother’s practice winds down.

Mind Me, Miladyis available in electronic format both at and on Amazon.

Anne and Ken have also published a book for middle readers called Stone Faces, which is available on the Apple iBookstore, and two small-format photography books, also available on the Apple iBookstore – Hearts (no flowers): Signs of Love in the Gritty City and Picture Stones.

Between projects, they started a web site where they display sculpture, jewelry and photographs.  In case you were wondering about the web site address, “R” is for Rothman, “H” is for Hicks, and “71” is the year of their marriage.  No secret codes or numerology anywhere. 

Anne and Ken hope you will visit and send them an e-mail or leave a comment on their web site.

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