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Blood Money, Ken’s debut novel centers on Mark Matthews, a private investigator turned FBI agent. In the novel Mark topples an association funneling money to terrorists.

It was published November, 2011.

Fatal Dose, the second Mark Matthews Mystery exposes a drug mafia distributing counterfeit prescription drugs and revisits some of the villains from Blood Money. It was published March, 2013.

Family Matters is a multi-genre work about three generations of the Kingston family. The protagonist, Adam Kingston, provokes each of the main characters with a series of ruthless actions until one is driven to hire an assassin to kill both Adam and his father and burn Kingston Manor to the ground. It was published March, 2015.

The Keys to the Kingdom is a about a modern day Everyman, It introduces a way to enter the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Siblings, is a captivating family saga and an introspective of the hierarchy in sibling families. Gambling, drugs and infidelity are rampant in this tale of the Symington family.

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Blood Money by K.J. Janssen

Blood Money by K.J. Janssen
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The National Rare Blood Association is suspected of laundering money to terrorist groups. When Private Investigator Mark Matthews and FBI Agent Susan Harrington collect evidence against the NRBA, they become willing combatants in the “War on Terror."

John Portman, Director of Security for the NRBA is equally intent on avoiding detection. When he traces Mark’s and Susan’s probe into the NRBA’s computer, Agent Harrington soon finds herself the victim of a savage abduction. Mark is called in for his highly developed techniques for locating missing persons in the hopes of finding her.

Recovery of Susan only fuels the romance building between the two law enforcers. However, unknown to both, Portman’s assistant Mel Tarkington is hell bent on revenge against the pair, waiting for the right opportunity to penetrate the shield of protection the FBI erects around them.

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