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I write steamy Paranormal Romance. My Blood Dragon series features weredragons and their mortal enemies, daywalking vampires, and the ancient society of dragon slayers and vampire hunters determined to eradicate them.

My (erotic paranormal) Double Dare Club series features a nightclub that, according to urban legend, has the power to bring complete strangers together in lust and love. No one is immune - staff, patrons, even passers-by. Anyone who comes within range could suddenly find themselves dancing with the love of their life.

Most of my efforts are currently focused on my Archangels Creed series, cowritten with Azure Boone. Officially Paranormal Romance, this series blurs genre lines with elements of horror, fantasy and religious thriller. The series features 12 Warrior Archangels sent to earth to use the passion of a human couple to create a Holy Warrior and combat Satan's new plans.

I live in rural northeastern Kentucky with my very own Romance Novel Hero - my husband of 26 years. We have one adult daughter, and are currently raising her 3 little boys - never dreamed we'd start all over again at 45, but it's what's right for the boys. We also have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 snakes, and 2 pet rats.

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A Note From Kenra Daniels

As of June 2013, my books are only available from Amazon. While I despise playing into the monopolization of the publishing and book retail industry, it only makes sense to concentrate my marketing efforts on a single retail outlet. Since 99% of my sales came from Amazon, it was the logical choice.

Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still enjoy Kindle format books on nearly any device. Amazon offers a FREE Kindle app for PC, Mac, Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

Current Releases
Remember the Archangels’ mission? Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The Archangel Uriel sends twelve Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds. Each Archangel has one mont...
Available Now!
Archangels Creed 3: Summon Toren
Perfectionist Archangel Dorn confidently steps forward to form the second team in the Archangels' Holy Warrior plan. Things go wrong from the beginning, but being teased for choosing a nun as his human partner is worse than having Kassern witn...
Available Now!
Archangels Creed 2: Summon Dorn
Twelve Archangels. Twelve couples. Twelve months. Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world? Let the Summoning Begin. **** Satan has found a loophole in ...
Available Now!
Archangels Creed 1: Summon Kassern
  When vampire Jaden Beayer is kidnapped and tortured, weredragon Enforcer Kiellen Henley is assigned to find her. After her recovery, Kiellen agrees to help Jaden track down the humans responsible and exact revenge on them. The problem i...
Available Now!
Safe Heart
  A lonely woman goes dancing with friends to kick the Bad Breakup Anniversary Blues. Her fantasy-man is willing to help, until her lowlife ex ambushes him.   With the first anniversary of the messy break up of a long-term re...
Available Now!
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