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My name is Keoni Anderson and I live in Redlands, California. I was a special education teacher for two years. I always had a love for writing. Through tough times I found a joy in writing. That joy produce my first novel The DArkling. Now I hope to get it out there for readers.
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I am always looking for honest opinions from readers. If you get a chance to read my book, leave a comment on amazon. Even if it is a bad comment. I need reviews and the more reviews the better. Bad reviews I will read and try to grow from it. As a first time author I know my first book is not perfect. I am sure there are those that might think it was just okay. Also I know there will be those that loved it and those that hate it. I just hope I get a majority that loves it.
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Galactic conspiracies, hunted rebels, battling civilizations, and a San Bernardino, California, high school kid desperate to break out of the slums and find a better life all collide on battlefield Earth in The Darkling. Henry is no different than an...
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A Peek Into the Life of Keoni Anderson

This is me!

This is me!
Years ago when I was in the AirForce

Years ago when I was in the AirForce

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