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Keri Neal is a native Californian who calls Texas "Home". Growing up an only child, she was a big movie buff and an even bigger reader. As a child, she would write mini-mysteries on her typewriter and fantasize about becoming the next Christopher Pike. As an adult, she showed no interest in writing until her BFF, Cheryl sent her a text one day: "I'm thinking about writing a novel...". And so they did. It was a fun, soul-crushing experience that taught her about the thrill of self-expression and the agony of rejection. Torn is Keri's second completed solo project.

Keri lives near Austin with her husband, two children, two hamsters and a snake. She crochets, sews, reads, paints and loves all things artsy and craftsy.

Current Releases
When Ryan Bowling took a single sip of water from the well on his family farm, it forced him into a sterilized existence away from traditional human experiences. The magical water permanently slowed his aging process to one-tenth the normal speed. Ry...
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Withstanding the Test of Time
After Agent Shane Baxter's last mission failed both professionally and personally, he fled the States and changed his name. When Dixie Peterson re-enters his life, he has a second chance to make things right. Dixie is determined to find out th...
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Pen was a Guardian, but one violent night took his wings. Ten years later he is given the opportunity to earn them back. Jade is spellbound by the new student. Pen is quiet, but she is determined to learn more about him. When her terrifying pa...
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Grace Montgomery's life has been one disaster after the next. This morning, Grace walked into her local Sheriff's office and confessed to killing three men. Kyle Tucker is the Sheriff of Thirteen Pines. He already has his hands full w...
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