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Jones believes some things have a magic that resonates in the soul: The scent of rainwater of dry soil. Candlelight and the full moon. The idea that true love really can conquer all. When not working at Black Lyon Publishing, the author can be found on the family cattle ranch in Oregon. A member of Romance Writers of America and a Board member of the Writers Guild of Eastern Oregon, she is the author of CAST IN STONE, LOVED ENOUGH and ORION IN THE WINTER SKY.
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(Book Two of the Quinguard Immortals Series)  Seven centuries fell aside with her summons. "Where are you?" With the woman's three elusive, filmy words, Lord Stefan Ashworth is broken free from a centuries-old punishment. Cursed wi...
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The Stone's Release
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He waited seven hundred years to find her.  For what seemed an eternity, Julen endured a nightly punishment that never should have been his. Descended from a line of ancient warriors, he vowed not to become the creature his persecutors claimed ...
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Cast in Stone
Can a long-ago love be rekindled? When a flashflood carries Megan Landers to Evan Holloway's remote cowboy hideaway, they have one chance to find out.  Meg Landers had crossed Evan Holloway's mind a time or two, but never had he expected a fl...
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Loved Enough
What if someone you loved faded away in front of you, and you were left wondering whether the person you knew ever really existed at all?  Meet Victoria Johnson and Derek Draeler, two everyday people for whom a chance meeting grows into the p...
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Orion in the Winter Sky

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