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In the sex, drugs, and peace era of 1969, a recently departed and undead young woman nicknamed Isis can't deny her desires for a mysterious and beautiful zombie with flowers in her hair. While Isis tries to learn the identity of the woman...
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The Zombie with Flowers in Her Hair
Casey wants Catherine to accept his love for her. Catherine wants the Russian dancer in the hospital's surgical wing. Casey and Catherine both want Larry the security guard, but for very different reasons. And neither reason bodes well f...
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Catherine's Toys II
Casey loves Catherine. Catherine loves toys . . . lots of toys. Only her toys all live and breathe. Catherine's promised to find Casey a toy of his own. From there it gets complicated. Very complicated. ...
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Catherine's Toys
  Sometimes the best-laid plans don't mean you get laid. Chaz and Mike are inaugurating their life together as an openly gay couple. Bliss is inevitable, until a dead relative rises up and brings their plans to a screeching halt. ...
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Back in the Closet
If the microwave hadn’t blown a fuse, she might not have killed him. But it had, and she did. Sundays are like that sometimes. After stabbing her keeper to escape his abuse and her sex-slave life, Cheryl faces the greatest decision of her tw...
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Sunday Awakening

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