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Kevin Andrew currently resides in Steubenville, Ohio. He is a coffee and junk food fanatic who enjoys hiking and being outdoors.

He is a self-published fictional author who enjoys writing in apocalyptic and thriller genres. He has published books one and two of the apocalyptic/science fiction series, Abolition. He is currently writing books three and four in the series.

Lilly, his first psychological thriller novel, was recently released in November 2016. He looks forward to continuing Lilly as a series as well.
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For over a decade a small town has been plagued by a serial killer known as the Death Dealer, who has never been caught, and speculation of who the individual is has faded with time. Now a mimic killer has recently appeared mocking the killings of th...
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Five years after the events with the Sheriff and Mongoose, the Valley is becoming more populous, but as the population grows so does the violence and unrest. Being the captain of the Watch, Mongoose has turned to desperate measures to keep the peace ...
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Abolition Book Two
It has been five years since the Abolition destroyed the Valley, causing an economic meltdown and terminal illness. Forced to do anything to survive, a young man joins the Watch, a rebel group formed to protect what little they have left. No one know...
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Abolition Book One

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