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Kevin has been writing for many years, but only recently decided to pursue publication. Since that moment he has proceeded with grit and determination. Publishing two short stories and two full length novels in the past year was only the beginning. He has also written articles published in Futureale magazine, including an upcoming interview with rock band Cancer Bats!
Kevin always responds to emailsand friend request on various portals like MySpace, Facebook, Gather among others. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions.
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Current Releases
When leadership is thrust upon the unwilling, few rise to the occasion. Yet in the hardest of times, we find the courage to do what must be done. Metal Tiger is a Mal; a race of animal-human hybrids created by magic over a hundred years ago. Havin...
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Tiger's Realm
In a world where death has replaced the pink slip, people flee to the outer regions of the galaxy for safe haven. Scarlet Siren, a former corporate assassin hiding after a mission gone awry is forced to switch sides. She grudgingly accepts the aid of...
Available Now!
Chroma Shift - Assassins' Treaty

A Peek Into the Life of Kevin M Grubbe

Large picture of Kevin with his dog Loki

Large picture of Kevin with his dog Loki
Christmas promo cover of Tiger's Realm

Christmas promo cover of Tiger's Realm

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