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Kieran Woodhall

Kieran Woodhall is a lover of fantasy so it's only natural for his writing to fall into that category, although he has a habit of drifting into the romance genre. He was delighted when he completed his first NanoWriMo year in 2011 and even more so when he self-published the novel that he had finished with.

Although a lot of his time is spent writing, whether that be at his computer or on a nearby windowsill. When he's not writing he can usually be found hanging out with his friends and family.

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Current Releases
True love always comes first. Four short romance stories that celebrate the magic of falling in love for the first time, whether it’s a fantasy ball or a moonlit hike gone wrong these stories demonstrate just how enchanting that first fe...
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First Love
When Ellie moves to a new boarding school, she thought she would only have to deal with being the new kid but when she starts seeing things that couldn't possibly be real she starts to think that there is something more going on. Something tha...
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Spirit Walker

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