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Kim Golden was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1995, she left the US and moved to Sweden for love with a capital L. When she isn't writing fiction, she writes copy for a Swedish cosmetics firm.

She writes stories for people who know that love comes in every color. 

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12/06/2016 Book

At long last, I can say that we have a final release date for Maybe Tomorrow. On Friday, December 9, the ebook *and* paperback versions will launch on all online retailers. 

Thanks so much for your patience! I really appreciate the support you've all given me as I have worked on this book.

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Current Releases
No such thing as love...  Eddy and Henrik don't believe in love. At least, that's what they keep telling themselves. They've been burned in the past, and neither wants to be that vulnerable again. A summer fling... That's ...
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Maybe Tomorrow
Is the honeymoon over…?  Now married with two children, Laney and Mads are finding their life together isn’t as simple as it used to be. While Laney struggles with motherhood, Mads is so focused on chasing success that he loses s...
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Maybe Forever
Mads Rasmussen has had enough: of being a sperm donor, of feeling disconnected, of being alone.  Then someone walks into his life in a most unexpected way...    Maybe Tonight is a novella that gives a glimpse of Mads's l...
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Maybe Tonight
Imagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love... Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he had a vasectomy before they met and isn't interested in reversing it. Why should he? They&#...
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Maybe Baby

A Peek Into the Life of Kim Golden

Inspiration images for writing Maybe Forever.

Inspiration images for writing Maybe Forever.
A weekend in Oxford for brainstorming.

A weekend in Oxford for brainstorming.
Time to jot down some ideas.

Time to jot down some ideas.
Getting inspired in Salzburg, Austra.

Getting inspired in Salzburg, Austra.

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