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Kim Mullican was born in Northwest Indiana, where she was raised on the family farm. She attended International Business College in Fort Wayne before continuing on at Indiana Wesleyan University. When she’s not writing, she’s probably cooking a meal for her rather large family. An assortment of children and pets keep her on her toes. On the rare chance she and Mr. Mullican can pull away, you can find them on a quiet body of water, fishing poles in hand. She’s a cross-genre writer, with a handful of novels to her credit.

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Abby Remington has been locked up in a mental institution twice for suicide attempts she doesn't recall. She’s not allowed to see her only surviving blood relative, her little sister Rachael. While she's been deemed incompetent, her ste...
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I'm Okay, You're Not
Gabby Parker is a strong young woman who does what she can to help her dad since her mother died. The bond between them grows despite the fact that Gabby spends most of her time in college and with friends and hides aspects of her life from her fathe...
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Not My Daughter
When an Amish community is targeted by a murderer, they have no choice but to go against tradition and call for help. The Amish are less than thrilled with the FBI sends agents Lizbeth Dawson and Matt Silva to solve the case. The agents arrive to ...
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Yoder's Farm

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