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Kim P Faulks

I am a Paranormal writer who loves nothing more than to seduce my readers into a gripping tale of Vampires, Were's and Witches.

I am a mother of two great kids and married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I am lucky to have the best people on earth as my friends and I look forward to adding you to this list.

'Do not be fooled by my smiles and innocence as there is something much darker that lurks underneath. That is why I write' - Kim Faulks

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  Natalie Sommers is left to die in a filthy alley in the middle of nowhere. Her body broken. Her soul gone. Her captor Kaige had one last parting gift for Natalie, the taste of Vampire blood in her mouth. Natalie surv...
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Have you ever felt that instant connection with someone and you knew you have loved them before? Natalie’s Sommers’ has. Many times. Over many centuries… And many lifetimes… Desperate to find the answers t...
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Seductive Sands
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