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I’m passionate about being a writer – empowering and supporting others to write their stories in order to share what they want to share. A self-made author-preneur, I’ve spent the past few years recreating my dreams, and that includes leaving behind the stress of an upper-level job for one a little more lowly. I hope to go even less stressful in days to come.

Now, I want to make my own world, one filled with books, and stories, and readers and writers, like you.

My writing has been published via novel, short story, poem, and article. I co-blog with my friends over at Murder by 4 every Thursday.

I podcast a show called Writer Groupie on most Tuesdays. (You can find back episodes on this site) I have visited with marketing folks, writing coaches, authors, health gurus, publishers, editors, and everyone in between. I love bringing these insiders insights to you.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband and awesome dogs, shooting photography of nature, drinking coffee, and talking books.

I write young adult, new adult, and old adult. Yes. That is a joke, sort of. Better to say I write fan-tas-i-cal novels for all ages. And not only do I love writing/reading the work of others, I love readers. Hopefully my site, Kim Smith author, will help readers make the shift from a sometimes-I-read reader to full-on-can’t-wait-to-dive-in reader. And if you are a writer, well, there is plenty for you on my site as well. My blog covers a range of topics interesting to both the reader and the writer.

If you like what you see, subscribe to my blog and join folks who receive the good stuff from yours truly. I think you’ll dig it.

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A Note From Kim Smith

My latest book, Disk of Death, is the first book in a caper mystery series featuring Shannon Wallace. I hope you love it! Book two will be out in Spring of 2016.

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A caper mystery in the truest sense. This wild and zany debut is the story of Shannon "Wall-ass" Wallace, recently fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend--who also turns up dead. Now she's a person of interest to more than just ...
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Disk of Death

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