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By age 16 Kim Vincent was captivated by the metaphysical. This fascination is still with him and shows up in his eight books. In his 30’s he was hosting home discussion groups and playing the organ in two different churches. By age 40 he had one of the largest collection of metaphysical books in Canada and had developed a 160 acre spiritual retreat which was attended by folks from all over the world. At the same time he organized university seminars and was featured on various radio shows and hosted a 33 week television series entitled “This Psychic World.” It was then that an editor from Doubleday came across some of his lecture papers and asked him to write an encyclopedia on parapsychology. That was almost 30 years ago. Once hooked, he has been writing ever since, during which time he had a construction business, a land development company, an architectural design practice, a vinyl window factory and a pewter foundry. The encyclopedia, updated and in a more popular style, is now available under the title GETTING REAL.  A few years ago Kim was injured in a construction accident and is now confined to a wheelchair. According to Kim: “Things have not been dull. If I’ve got it figured right, I’m now on my third life, doing what I love most.”  

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Current Releases

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The Lemming Factor
Is present life affected by past lives? Leòmhann de dhe Monadh, the lion of the mountain, the last Druid archpriest in ancient Gaul, must find the answer. But, can he save the ancient wisdom before his son, Ambicatos, a warrior noble elevat...
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Dance With Time
When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the American CIA launched the largest covert operation in history and supplied weapons to the Mujahadeen at the rate of up to 65,000 tons a year. In 1989, when the Soviet Union withdrew and Usama bin L...
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A Call to Rise

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9.95 USDDwellers in the Field

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Family Pryde

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For Petie's Sake

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Getting Real. A psychic primer.

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The Greenshift

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