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Born Kimberly Donn Dell, she hated being called Kimmy, but when her Mom called her Kimmydonn, that was okay. Now she is married to Allen Gould and has Lilah, or Delilah, or Delilah Dell if she's misbehaving and Dad catches her. Continuing in her day job as an Environmental Consultant, Kim is also a writer in the time she finds on the sides.

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Current Releases
George is obsessed with finding the man who raped his daughter. Searching the southern states in the 1970s, he tracks down James but also finds Lila, another girl victimized by his daughter’s rapist. George holds himself responsible for not ...
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Thickness of Blood
Lives are won, lost and traded on the three-tiered Cargon boards. Eve, a serving-girl, has watched the elite from the outside, seen the dramatic shifts based on the results of the Game. With a growing need to reach beyond her station, she can no l...
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Cargon: Honour & Privilege

A Peek Into the Life of Kimberly Gould

Cover of the First Cargon book

Cover of the First Cargon book
Thickness of Blood cover

Thickness of Blood cover

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