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Kingsley C. Njoku grew up in Nigeria, in a family of 12 siblings. He currently resides in Singapore, with his wife, Siti. His goal in writing The Secret of Positive Thinking is to encourage and motivate young people to think well of themselves and reach for their goals. He has completed eight other books.

A Note From Kingsley Chilaka Njoku

Not until recently did I know that a small shift in my thoughts could go a long way to making me the person I had always dreamed of. Well, I said to myself it worth the trial if I can better my life in the process and so, I took it upon myself to make a positive change for good.


When I made up my mind, I began to read self-help books and practice what they teach in reality. One day, I stumbled across a unique book that changed my life after reading it. My life changed in just few Months and today, I am a proud creator of over 5 self-empowerment books and the 6th being a special way of appreciating my Singapore wife, I wrote a book about her based on real life encounters with her ever since I got married to her. I called it "My Wife And iphone"


Would you read this book if I guarantee that it will change your life for better? Check it out yourself. Copy either of these links and paste them on your web browser or

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Book Cover Page
Deep In Positive Thought

Deep In Positive Thought

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Work Time

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