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Kitty lives in NC with her wonderful husband of 28 years, a yellow lab and a pile of cats—all strays; well they’re not strays now. She has two children in college and is taking full advantage of the empty-nest. No more ball games or golf matches, just time to read the hot stuff and write the hot stuff.


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Summer Heat is a nobody in NYC, but when ladies are murdered from the society gala she’s volunteered at the past three years, she’s suddenly in the limelight as a suspect and as the lover of two sexy brothers who’ve dated most of th...
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Their Summer Heat
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Cambria Johnson’s on a mission—to kill every vampire she can find. But when a vampire rescues her from another vamp, she decides to make an exception. Then he shows up again at one of her kills…and he has a twin. When the two mo...
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Keeping Cambria - Hell's Hunters1 - Menage
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When a corrupt senator puts a contract out on the life of DEA Special Agent Raven Payne and she has to hide out at a Montana ranch, she thinks her life has finally hit rock bottom. But the only thing worse than being on the run from the bad guys, ...
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Taming Raven
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DEA Special Agent Mac McNamara knew this mission was doomed when his crippled helicopter crash landed in the suspect’s front yard. The mission was simple. Gather intel on suspect Callie Johnson and make an arrest. A tip said that a large shi...
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Mac's Mate
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Santana Jones barely escaped from the man-turned-wolf that attacked her during a camping trip that she’d won from a local radio station. But it turns out the radio station didn’t have a contest and she didn’t win. Then she meets ...
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Santana's Heat
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  Dr. Zellia Calderon journeys across Colombia to find the lab and the answers that have plagued her for six years. Her only problem is trying to lose the handsome man called Blade who insists on tagging along. He&rs...
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Zellia's Blade
  Victoria McLain’s dad was the best DEA agent ever, but now he’s dead and Victoria’s hell-bent on making the responsible Colombian cartel leader pay. Even though she’s not DEA, her dad traine...
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Dominating Victoria

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