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I have an eclectic personality that translates into both my reading tastes and writing. I am currently writing Romantic Suspense but that doesn’t mean that at any moment it won’t change to Paranormal Romance or something else. I can’t help it, I love just about every genre out there. I’m a wife and mother and live in the hottest part of the Southwest with a 10 year old Goldfish, a Greek Tortoise, two snooty cats, and an Australian Shepard that herds us all.

Get into contact with me at, on Twitter or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Shelby Lynn Collins left Phoenix fifteen years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a country music singer. Now the two-time Entertainer of the Year is back in Phoenix for a concert that will put the exclamation point on her career. Until she receives...
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Shelby's Secret

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Finding Dani
When photojournalist, Liliana Richardson, agrees to go on assignment in Arizona, she has no idea it could cost her everything. But one wrong picture at the right moment puts her on a lethal drug cartel’s hit list. Kidnapped and held poisoner in...
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Lily's Outlaw
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Romance author, Elizabeth Russell lives alone, works alone, and that’s that way she likes it. No ties, no relationships, no complications. But when her apartment is broken into and it looks more personal than per-chance, she finds herself runni...
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In Zach's Arms
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