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 I'm an addict for books. I love to read. Trust me when I say you don't want to be around when I'm reading a series. I forget to eat, forget to feed the kids, forget doctor's appointments...It can get ugly.

I live in Georgia with my two extremely cool sons. They are not as addicted to reading but they are not too far behind. They both are writers as well. They rubbed off on me.

In all seriousness, it started off as a simple email to one of my favorite authors. I was instantly hooked on this vampire series and emailed the author, kindly demanding to know when the next book would be coming out. She emailed me back and told me I would have to hold on until next year. So the next email I sent, I teased that I guess I'd better start drawing my own conclusions and writing my own version to keep me busy until then. She told me that would be an interesting idea.

The next morning it was as if a flood gate was opened. Story ideas bombarded me until I started writing them down. It's been a non-stop fun journey every since.

Thanks to love I receive from my two very, very patient sons, my awesome brother and my wonderful mother I have been able to write to my heart's content. I love them and I love what I do!

I hope you will pick up one of my books and join me on an erotic fun-filled adventure.

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