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Kristi writes about hard-working people living realistic lives. Her heroes are cowboys and bush pilots, her heroines are tough cops and office workers and veterinarians. She puts ordinary people into extraordinary situations, and lets them discover true character in the face of danger.

It might be somewhat out of style these days, but Kristi's heroes and heroines have lines that they don't cross, things that they won't do to save the day. They will find a way to achieve their goals that may take longer and be riskier, rather than cross those lines into doing "whatever it takes" and landing in the murk of questionable morality.

They are human, and they do make mistakes. They are practical people and if their loved one is in imminent danger and the only way to save them is to shoot to kill, somebody is going to die. But death and mayhem are never the first choice for Kristi's heroes.

Her villains, however, are under no such restraints. With each novel, Kristi goes deeper to create characters who have real motives, goals, and backgrounds that give the reader a glimpse into the heart of darkness. Villains who hold life cheap, and leave chaos in their wake.

The end result is nail biting, edge of your seat suspense that will keep you turning pages, rooting for the good guys and that happy ever after ending.

In addition to writing, Kristi drives truck with her husband over the road, which gives her inspiration for her writing:
* Witnessing people in all walks of life, and how they react to the situations they find themselves in.
* Covering thousands of miles across the United States to see many diverse settings, from big city skylines to lonely countryside vistas.

The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas, is a series of standalone novels featuring characters connected to the town of Syracuse, Kansas. Most notably a family of cattle ranchers whose ties to the land go back to the 1880s. Good, old-fashioned cowboys.

No anti-heroes and no graphic sex, though there is brief graphic violence and intense, suspenseful situations.

Current Releases
Reach for a Better Future Tim Reardon made a real mess of his life, and spent the last five years paying for it in a federal penitentiary. Thanks to his sister, he has a chance to work on a ranch in a small town where no one knows his history and he...
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Last Second Chance
This book is a re-release of Blinding Justice, which was written before the series was conceived. There are no major plot changes, only minor text additions to fit it into the series concept. One Tough Detective Detective Mitzi Reardon doesn&rsqu...
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Last Shot at Justice

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