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A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
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This decidedly blissful and deeply romantic anthology is filled with couples in every stage of love and lust who simply can't get enough of each other. Best Erotic Romance 2014 is naughty AND nice had has both the heat and the sweet. Ed...
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Best Erotic Romance 2014
Sexy, sweet, and short, this collection of erotic romance is a box of Valentine conversation hearts, filled with fun surprises and unusual twists. With over 30 authors in the anthology and stories from Sommer Marsden, Kathleen Tudor, Rachel Kramer Bu...
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xoxo:Sweet and Sexy Romance
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So what happens with love meets sex? Erotic love is that delicious blend of hearts and minds and bodies, a combination of sweet and dirty, romantic and sexy. Sex by itself—hot, steamy, sensual sex—is one of the best things this life ha...
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Best Erotic Romance 2013
The Dress A very sexy vinyl dress transforms a young attorney into a seductress. A night on the town proves to be more interesting than she anticipate when her career and personal life collide in a most erotic way. In the Stacks Intrigued...
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The Mammoth Book of Erotica Presents The Best of Kristina Wright
   This delightful collection of fairy tales will lead you down a magical path into forbidden romance and erotic love. Kristina Wright, recipient of the Golden Heart Award for her romance fiction, assembled the fairy tales that you love ...
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Lustfully Ever After
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Steampunk erotic romance is shiny brass and crushed velvet, mechanical inventions and romantic conventions, sexual fantasy and kinky fetish. This unique collection includes tales of adventure and intrigue, enhanced by imaginative gadgets and cleve...
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Steamlust Steampunk Erotic Romance
Supernaturally sensual and captivating, the stories in Dream Lover will fill you with a craving that defies the rules of life, death and gravity. Kristina Wright presents a magical potion of sexy and romantic stories filled with male fairies and m...
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Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance
Award-winning novelist and erotica writer Kristina Wright goes over the river and through the woods to find the sexiest fairy tales ever written. Playfully seductive, supernaturally sensual, and darkly erotic, Fairy Tale Lust showcases clever twis...
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Fairy Tale Lust

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