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L.A. Day exists only in the mind of an ordinary wife and mother. An avid reader since early childhood, she began writing romance in her teens. Now, 20+ years later she's progressed to erotic romance. Supported by her husband of many years, she spends her days in front of the computer.

She now has a chance to bring her stories to life for everyone to enjoy. Her favorite genre is erotic romance with a paranormal or sci-fi twist. She feels that if you're going to create an alpha male character, why not make him bigger, stronger, more well endowed than any human man could ever be? It is fantasy after all.

Her work can be found at Ellora's Cave, Cobblestone Press & Changeling Press
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L.A. Day likes to hear from her fans, so email her and let her know what you think.

Current Releases
This book is the sequel to Made for Me. Sex therapy! No way will Holt ever agree to that. Not with Rebecca. They want him to go undercover at a sex-therapy club—play dominant male to her submissive female. Piece of cake for Holt. After all,...
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Made to Order
Kari Marston just saw the most spectacular man and is inspired to order a pleasure droid in his image. She has no interest in a relationship but definitely wants lots of great sex. Maverick Spencer is investigating a dangerous new drug and it...
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Made for Me
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Feral Intensity
The time of the Yahi has past but a select few warriors are brought through time. This is the Bear Claws story. Can he accept a life in the present and protect his woman from a vengeful ex-husband.   Holly is starting over. Her ex-husband mort...
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Warrior of the Past
The war is over and Commander Michel Giat faces his toughest task yet. He is asked to baby-sit the general’s daughter. Expecting a child, he’s pleasantly surprised to find out Jade is a sexy woman. However, her sex appeal creates other pr...
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Command Me
Zarius By L.A. Day Book 1 in the Alien Possession series. Zar has come to Earth to locate his predestined mate. She has borne his mark, a five-pointed star, on her inner thigh since birth, so it should be an easy task to convince her when she see...
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A former commander of the Halian Federation, John Blaten, proud, strong, incredibly sexy, is now a prisoner of war. His wife’s prisoner. It’s been a year since Aurelia Giat last saw her husband John, but she hocks her ship to buy him and...
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Hunters for Hire - Savage By L.A. Day This book is part of the Hunters for Hire series. It is a stand-alone book. Savage, a bounty hunter and half-Rabian shifter, needs a woman. He needs his wife, Alaya. He'd left her alone on their wedding ni...
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Jenny Lad knows how to tempt her boss. Leaving a deerskin flogger on his desk, she dresses up as a belly dancer for the company party but little does she know she’s tempting a wolf. Damianos Alexander is a lupine shifter. After Jenny&rs...
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Dancing for the Wolf
They Both Belong to Me By L.A. Day Jill is sexually frustrated. Being trapped on a spaceship with her two gorgeous lieutenants is playing hell with her libido. To ease the suffering, she places an order for some down time with two pleasure droids ma...
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They Both Belong To Me
Feral Lust By L.A. Day Feral Lust is the sequel to Feral Domination, but may be read as a stand-alone novel. Leon's life is good. He's alpha male of his feline pack and females are plentiful. Then he meets Riza. The lupine female fascinates him. ...
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Feral Lust
Grey is a vampire tired of his barren existence. Long ago, he learned to feed without killing but still he doesn't dare get close to a human. A feisty female being attacked by two males piques his interest and he rescues her. Shannon enthralls him bu...
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Double Penetration
Maverick Spencer poses as scientist Kari Marston’s pleasure droid in order to infiltrate a drug ring. Kari quickly discovers her pleasure droid is a man, but not before he delivers on some long overdue sexual satisfaction. Together, they expose...
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Undercover Pleasure Droid
In the land of Barbar, female sorcerers created a realm separate from the barbarian males. Only for reproduction do the females seek out men. Eliza is the future priestess of the female clan and it's her time to gather seed. As a young female, she...
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Barbarian Mate
Tara Montgomery is a witch, and an imaginary lover haunts her dreams. When she senses her dream man is in danger, she performs a spell to bring him to her. Little does she know, her dream man is a Yahi warrior from 1866. Shot in the back, Lone Wol...
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The Last Warrior
Gionne is alpha male of the Valde wolf pack. He wants Jenna, a feline shapeshifter, as his mate but the fates are manipulated to separate them before the two breeds can join. Two years later, the felines need a favor and Gionne will help for a pri...
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Feral Domination

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