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L.C. Andrews' parents bring their little baby boy home from the hospital for the first time...

Two older brothers and a sister are eagerly waiting at home with grandma.

Young L.C. is raised in a loving home with many blessings, beginning his lifelong love affair with Jamaica as a ten year old boy.

Off to college, and then to law school, L.C. spends his career communicating for others in high-stakes patent cases.

The gloves are now off, and L.C. is ready to communicate in his own voice.

The Tales from Jamaica series includes five smart, sexy, funny and sweet books altogether.

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Current Releases
Feel No Way is the fourth book in the Tales from Jamaica series.  By now, the Tales from Jamaica series should require very little introduction.  Yet, there are some things that should properly be introduced.   For readers new to...
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Feel No Way: Tales from Jamaica, Volume Four
Talk of the Country is the third book in the Tales from Jamaica series.  Like L.C.’s vacation itself, the books in the Tales from Jamaica series get progressively more interesting… better, some might say.  The experiences that ...
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Talk of the Country
No Work on Sunday explores many romantic themes with soul, sweetness, heat, and a joy for life!  This is the second endearing book in the Tales from Jamaica series, and author L.C. Andrews brings readers to the next level with this book.  N...
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No Work on Sunday
Ring the Alarm explores and develops many unique themes, although romance is a central theme, increasing in significance and depth as the series progresses.  The series follows 'L.C.' on his Jamaican vacation, as he explores the island i...
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Ring the Alarm: Tales from Jamaica

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