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I think I'm like a lot of my readers, I'm married, got a kid, a house, a full-time job, I sew clothes, and I write contemporary romance novels in my (cough) spare time. Oh, you don't do that?

It started in high school, I wrote a serial romance novel in a black and white composition book one chapter at a time. As each chapter got finished the book would get passed around to all my friends. They loved it and couldn't get enough. Except one of them left it behind after class one day and the only name on it was mine. I ended up in the Vice-principal's office trying to explain that it was fiction. In his defense, it was written as a journal. He couldn't believe I could know that much about sex and relationships if I hadn't done any of that. I told him he needed to watch more TV.

After years of stumbling around in more jobs than any other two people I know, I'm back to writing and loving it! I still have my day job in medical research but the fun starts when I get home.

I write for women looking to inject some contemporary romance into their busy lives. To that end my work tends to clock in at about 40- 50 thousand words or about 200+ pages. Short enough that you can read it in between everything else you do but long enough that I can develop the characters a little.

Reviews are crucial for a self-published writer so if you review one of my books on the site you got it from send me the link. As a thank you for taking your time I'll send you the full cover art from that book. You can have your own collection!

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Being auctioned off like a piece of meat was not high on Joseph Camenitti's bucket list, meeting a mystery woman from his past, that he could like, a lot. Evie Tolland had spent WAY too long thinking of herself as the ugly duckling and th...
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Pay Back (Lovers and Other Strangers Book 2)
Dr. Michael Dennison was a brilliant surgeon and a broken man. Violet Bellows was the woman that could save him if only he could let go of his fear. Together they will discover things about themselves neither would have dreamed. Novella length 42,...
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His Lady Godiva (Lovers and Other Strangers Book 1)
**WARNING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SCENES** I let my mother read this but not my tweener daughter- if you get my drift "Who do you have to kill to find a little love around here?" Sara is thinking shortly before her chairman drops dead in front...
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Fall Into His Arms

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