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Caylie Lyon finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery and gets taken hostage by the five robbers. Her ordeal starts off as a scary event, but ends up with her forming a close relationship with one of the robbers named Cole, though Caylie is marri...
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The Colors of My Life
Marcy and Brad’s marriage is back on track even with the major changes at play. A new wedding is planned for New Year’s Eve. This wedding is a complete surprise to everyone, and an unexpected pregnancy may interfere. The men in Marc...
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The Past Returns
After the perfect honeymoon, Brad and Marcy return to reality to begin their new life together. Unfortunately, Brad and Marcy’s wedded bliss runs into complications. Brad seems distant and cold, and Marcy is confused by his unexpected behavior....
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The Agreement (Book 4, the Marcy series)
Marcy’s still reeling from the decision Brad made. Even though she realizes it’s for the best, it doesn’t mean she has accepted it completely. Liam finally receives the revenge he’s wanted for the past eleven years, and wants...
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Agony and Ecstasy (Book 3, the Marcy series)
Marcy has choices to make. If she finally tells everyone about her tragic past, she’ll heal and eventually move on— but she is still missing a large piece of the puzzle. Liam finally gets the information he’s been waiting for, and f...
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COnfusion (Book 2 of the Marcy series)
Marcy finds herself angry, frustrated, and confused because of nightmares that won’t stop. The love of her life gives her an ultimatum: seek help or lose him. When held up at gunpoint during a robbery, Marcy is pushed over the edge. That night...
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RAge (Book 1 of the Marcy series)

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