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L. Joseph Shosty is the ghost of a Texas ladies man.

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THIS IS WHAT IMAGINATION LOOKS LIKE! Following up on the success of his first collection, Old Wine & Black Hearts, storyteller L. Joseph Shosty returns with 18 more tales, several appearing for the first time, to take readers on a journey thro...
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Wizards for the Immediate Cheddar
Gather ‘round for 20 tales of science, magic, and horror from the author of Abattoir in the Aether and the Achilles & Swiss series! Storyteller L. Joseph Shosty delivers new takes on classic themes in this collection of hand-picked tales fr...
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Old Wine & Black Hearts
The Planet: Bergot is a world on the far side of the galaxy. The humans who have negotiated a place for themselves have implemented a stifling government, run primarily by trade unions, and unkind to independent contractors and corporate conglomerate...
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Operational Costs
TWO STORIES OF MURDER AND DETECTION BY THE AUTHOR OF HERBIE’S DINER!  Gomes - Fox Gomes is a police detective on his way out the door when he catches a murder case at a local comics shop which baffles his coworkers.  A Murder of...
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Gomes & A Murder of Confessions
A wise old professor, facing forced retirement, passes on his greatest secret to his protégé in this moving story of two disparate generations affected by war. A short story.
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One of Us, Old Boy

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