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L.K. Mitchell is a fifth generation Alaskan who was born and raised on a small island in Southeast Alaska. She now lives in Sitka and Kodiak, Alaska. L.K. Mitchell is from a multi-cultural family and is adopted into her children's Raven clan, theT’akdéintaan, a Tlingit clan from SE Alaska. Her Tlingit name is Yéilk' Tláa, Mother-of-Cute-Little-Raven. L.K. Mitchell is a mother and grandmother and she writes middle-grade and young adult novels in addition to poetry and non-fiction. She has won several awards for her writing. She's also the co-director of a non-profit called Raven's Blanket. She facilitates writers groups for teens and adults.


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A Note From L.K. Mitchell

I'm a whale watcher, a shooting star locator, a rock tosser, and a northern lights gazer. My coat pockets are the most interesting thing about me. Often my pockets contain chunks of seaglass, an interesting rock, or maybe even a feather .

Current Releases
Lance, a ten-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, and his smart-mouthed, teenage sister are taken under the wing by a clan of shape-shifting Ravens who're preparing for a great war at the Arctic Circle and who've claimed Lance as the...
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Keeper of Directions

A Peek Into the Life of L.K. Mitchell

Sea glass from a beach in Alaska

Sea glass from a beach in Alaska
Raven totem pole, Alaska

Raven totem pole, Alaska

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