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L. Taylor is the writer of the novel "Epic", the first book of the Epic duology, as well as the paranormal thriller novella, "Hunted". She is the co-author of the contemporary romance “93% Chance I Don’t Hate You,” which is available in stores now. She dislikes talking about herself in the third person because she finds it to be awkward, and when she’s not working hard at tormenting her characters, she can be found eating junk food, petting dogs, and occasionally working on getting her Bachelor’s degree. She can be reached at

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Ashton Lewis doesn’t have a care in the world. His only sources of stress are passing mixed media art classes and setting up a tattoo parlor one day. But when the one-night-stand-only lifestyle no longer appeals to him, Ashton decides it’...
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93% Chance I Don't Hate You
When Annabelle Garcia and her friends find themselves mysteriously on another planet, they learn that they may only return to Earth after retrieving seven magical Keys for queen Mayra of Eden, who has been stripped of her crown and accused of murderi...
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