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What may seem unusual in me is that I'm an Argentinian who writes in English, of course, there's an explanation to this, the factual one is I was schooled from first to sixth grade completely in English. I learned to read and write in English and my friends were American kids. So this language was part of my everyday life at an age where everything makes a deep mark in us. The psychological explanation is that we moved back to Argentina and since then I never adjusted well to my new environment and culture. I think my decision to write in English is a rebellion that roots in my infancy. I've always loved the English language.

Though I'm starting writing at a late age I truly hope to become a recognized writer and I work hard at it. Looking back to my past life I can now recognize several signs that showed I had a writer inside but circumstances, external influences and bad decisions on my part kept that part of me dormant, however now I plan to write until life calls quits on me. Making it brief, I know I have much to learn in this art of expressing things with words, but I love it.

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An old woman and spiritual leader in the Ecuadorian Amazon is asked by her people to register her life story for posterity. It is a story of a woman searching for herself in a world in crisis. It is a tale of self-transformation in a realm that will ...
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