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Awakening Pride Series, Book Three     He’s only human… The only thing Logan despises more than a weak man is one who preys on others. He finds himself in a battle between a group of people he never dreamed existe...
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Freeing The Feline
New Reality Series, Book Five    Tomorrow the auctions will take place. Some women become brides, and some become nothing more than belongings who must do as they are told. Winter will have none of it. Taking the first chance of h...
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Finders Keepers
Pleasures Series, Book Three       Mia is on the hunt for an alpha hero to play the starring role in her next book. Looking for some inspiration, she finds just that with three of the hottest men she&rsquo...
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SEALed for Pleasure
Pleasures Series, Book Two     The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.   Ashley is all about generating heat. She’s a bake...
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Heated for Pleasure
  The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.   Mandy was hoping for a new start far away from the rumors circulated by her ex-boyfriend. She would be smart ...
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Cuffed for Pleasure
Book 3 in the Girls Night Out series. Mischa and Clint are celebrating their first wedding anniversary by renting a secluded cabin for a week of relaxation and fun. Mischa packs a bag full of hot new toys and goodies, planning to act out a few...
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Marital Bliss
Book 2 in the Girls Night Out series.   Friends can make the best lovers. Or at least that’s what Jacey decides when she finally takes that step with her longtime friend Jonas. He knows her, what she likes, what she wants, what ...
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What Friends Are For
Demon Chronicles Series, Book Three     Shandraz has been under a spell for a long time, and it feels as if she is just awakening. Nothing is as it was. Her father plans to kill her. Her friends no longer ...
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Demon Chronicles Series, Book Two     Carami longs for a place to belong. She and her two friends have always been outcasts because of their human appearance. Carami dreams of going to the human world and has re...
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Girls’ night out is a regularly scheduled evening of pure fun for Dee, Jacey and Mischa. It’s a chance to be naughty and wild with your girlfriends at your back. For Dee, it’s also a chance to finally admit her deepest desire&mda...
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Jack's Dee-Light
Demon Chronicles Series, Book One     Serephin wanted to be loved. But being half human and half demon made her an outcast. So, together with her two best friends, she heads to the human world hoping that since they ...
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  Book four in the Blood Magic Series The greatest magic of all is love... Serenity is leaving everything she knows behind to face the journey of a lifetime. Fraught with danger, she will meet two men along the way, as foretold. ...
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Mage Magic
Book three in the Lottery Brides Series She’d never imagined an adventure like Sean. Tess took the stage coach west to be a mail-order bride. But when she arrived to find her fiancé deceased she finds herself a lottery bride ...
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Tempting Tess
Reggie finds her mother wrapped up in a cult and barely escapes with her chastity intact. Drugged and on the run, she is drawn by a wondrous song through a veil of fog and into a whole new world. Jamison and Taggart are devoted to the task before...
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Through the Veil
Book three in the Blood Magic Series Rory has one goal, to clear her mother’s name. So when opportunity falls into her lap she is more than willing to do whatever it takes to see the queen and plead for justice. But Lake and Lincoln are...
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Rogue's Rage (Blood Magic, book 3)
Book 7 in the Bare Love series.  Stace needs help finding her missing sister. What she gets is Donavan Shepard. Shep is everything a woman could ever desire in a man and much, much more. Hell, he reminds her of a Viking; all she wants is to b...
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Stripped Bare (Bare Love series, Book 7)
 Book two in the Blood Magic Series Lynx only wanted to find her sister and make sure that Aurora was safe. What she found was a murderous plot and a man, or two, that she could easily fall in love with. Micah and Merced were Danuja...
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Shifter's Delight
Emma has just been promoted, a huge deal for the only female Enforcer. She celebrates her last night before her six-week assignment by going out for some dancing and fun with her two best friends. When she meets two men, she decides to end her night ...
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Enforced Love
Book one in the Blood Magic Series Sometimes finding love is only the beginning of the journey… Aurora has always been different from the shifter tribe that she lives with. She’s always known that there were secrets the woma...
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Warrior's Dawn
Phoebe has been in love with Dante Marquetti since before she lost her virginity to the man. She can’t recall a time when he wasn’t the star of all her sexual fantasies. Now Dante is heading back home and she’s determined to have hi...
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Burning Dante

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