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Lainey Bancroft lives just outside of scenic Niagara Falls, Ontario. As a mother to a teenaged daughter and son, pet wrangler of two spoiled labs and one ornery cat, part time bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, and writer, she leads an active, fun filled life. She has won or placed in numerous writing contests and likes to mix things up by indulging her muse with stories that range from serious to sensuous to silly, but always ending on a satisfying note. Drop by her blog at where she gabs and giggles about everything from the path to publication, to gardening, groceries, and Gas, who shes been married to for eighteen years.
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Lainey M Bancroft Jun 19, 2008

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A Note From Lainey M Bancroft

Check back soon. I have more exciting news about upcoming releases! And don't forget to contact me after you've read the books. I love hearing from readers.
Current Releases

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The Bridesmaid Blues
At thirty-five, Erin Sanders thinks she’s resigned herself to a single, childless life, until the dynamic Tanner walks into her office. His outrageous proposal that she pretend to date him, so she can act as if she isn’t assessing the men...
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The Trouble With Tessa
The odds of developing the committed relationship she longs for with Las Vegas playboy, Lucas Smyth, are a long shot Casino Niagara security supervisor, Cassidy Malone, wouldn't take even if she were a betting girl. But life has dealt her enough ba...
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When the name of the game is hot action for pure satisfaction, what happens when one of the players changes how they define satisfaction?   As a much in demand architect, Seth Edwards has been blessed with the funds and freedom to do what he ...
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Action and Satisfaction
Daniela Blessings ability to see crimes through the eyes of victims is a mixed blessing. She thinks shes a handmaiden of Fate, but when Vincent Gabriele accosts her one sunny morning he calls it eye for an eye justice. Hes willing to keep her secr...
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Mixed Blessings
Waiting to Waltz by Lainey Bancroft Book Three in the 3-D Club Trilogy Available April 9 2008 from The Wild Rose Press Waiting to Waltz: blurb A man who lives to cook and a woman who loves to eat should be a magical match. Except Riana Walkers F...
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Waiting to Waltz
Book 2 in the 3-D Club Trilogy! Ready to Reel: blurb When Suzette Michaud reels into the arms of a man she wouldnt ordinarily look twice at, she reexamines her priorities. Fed up with the social limitations her parents, and her French boarding scho...
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Ready to Reel
Blurb: Angelina Jordan has lived up to her late mothers wish that she never settle for an ordinary life and its left her feelingunsettled. When the grandmother who raised her breaks a hip, she returns to the tiny northern Ontario town she couldnt...
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Settling Back
Dare to Dance is the first story in Laineys 3-D Club trilogy, available now at The Wild Rose Press Dare to Dance: blurb The 3-D Club==deceived, discarded and divorced==coerce Alex into performing at a gentlemans club in an effort to help her sh...
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Dare to Dance
When Carrie Arnold's only son, Jonathan, received a diagnosis her husband wasn't equipped to handle and he left her, she thought the melody of her life had been rendered permanently discordant. For twelve years she's single-handedly kept a stable env...
Available Now!
The Music of Marcus

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