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Originally from the counterculture mecca of Austin, Texas, Laini discovered a love of reading early on, and when she was eight, decided to be Nancy Drew. This dream was dashed when she realized she was actually a big chicken, and that there were no guarantees of rescue from tarantulas, bad guys with guns, and other fiendish plot twists. She finished her first "mystery novel" (with custom illustrations) when she was nine.

In school, people would sign her yearbook with blurbs like "To a girl who reads entirely too much." She set the writing aside for a while when life got in the way, but was led back to it through her interest in genealogy. Reading old microfilm and constantly examining old photographs stirred new life into her interest in writing, and she had found her niche.

In addition to writing, she loves gardening, cooking, and traveling. Like most other writers, most of her monthly budget is spent on coffee and books. She lives with her husband, their diva of a cat, and a neurotic Great Pyrenees in Edmonton, Alberta.

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  How do you solve a 70-year old murder? Especially when it hits close to home. When a hiker near Ithaca stumbles across an old skeleton buried with a rusty buttonhook and a locket full of pictures, Inspector Frank Conley knows he&rsq...
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Love Lies Bleeding

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