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Lara Zielinsky, using the nom de plume LZClotho for online Xena and Voyager fanfiction, resides in Orlando, Florida, home of Mickey Mouse, living something quite removed from a Mickey Mouse life as a working wife and mother. She started writing stories online featuring strong women characters, and acknowledged some of her own truths regarding sexuality, career and family. "Turning Point" is her first published novel and a 2007 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award winner. Previously she has been published in the lesbian short story anthologies, "Telltale Kisses" and "Read These Lips". She is a finalist for the 2008 GCLS Awards as a Debut Author.
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A Note From Lara Zielinsky

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my Author Page here at manicreaders today. You probably like GLBT topics. You want a story with romance, erotic, adventurous, a little fantasy, maybe a touch of science fiction. Turning Point has all this and more, a journey of great significance for two women, and their families, as they discover the love they never thought they could have.

Read my bio. I'm a mother, a bisexual married woman, and my characters in all my stories reflect some aspect of what I've learned in my own journey of self-acceptance, as well as sexual and romantic discovery.

I hope you'll stop by my website and read or listen to a preview and check out Turning Point, or its sequel (out in 2009) or any of my free short stories, and take a journey into another life... fictional lives resonating with real challenges.
Current Releases
Skylar's got a problem. Make that several. She's kept her shapeshifter nature a secret from her current lover, Lila. Now that it's midsummer, Skylar faces enforced return to her father's pride lands. But Max, Lila's son, ...
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Skylar's Pride
This short story has no other purpose than to be hot, hot, HOT. A pair of lovers, Kelly and Jan indulge in toy play. This was adapted from a longer story, so if you sense a larger plot, that's the reason. Rating is NC17.
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Feeldoe Fantasy
This is an excerpt from my award-winning debut novel, Turning Point.
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Turning Point
It's Hollywood. Petty sniping, bickering and back-biting are the nature of the business. But it takes two to fight. When Cassidy Hyland extends an olive branch to her costars, including Brenna Lanigan, to attend her son's birthday party with their...
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Turning Point

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