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Larriane and her family have settled in the high desert area of Arizona, well away from big city noise and pollution. Noise seldom bothers Larriane when she's working, churning out diverse stories of multi genres. She can take you froma  genre you favor to those you never thought you'd like with fast moving stories filled with real characters and intriguing plots in a wide range of heat levels, some with paranormal elements, some not. She doesn't join any contests so you won't see a list of awards. "Too many," she says, "are based on how many votes you can drum up, not quality. I'd rather spend my time on the next story."
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Rather than having two pages, I have combined my published work on a single page. you'll find my science fiction and fantasy, Larriane Wills, and romance, contemporary, histrical, and paranormal, under Larion Wills. Browse through the my books page and chose what you like.
Current Releases
  Garran of Lockmer, a soldier for hire, knew an ancient prophecy had marked him as Atat Comm and turned him into the hunted by those who carried the Cross of Death. Still he sought a normal life. Able to leave battle, he became the Gover...
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Cross of Death
The whole thing was crazy! Tower tried to gun down a saddle tramp looking for work. Instead he made Gus hear his confession, swear to care for the man he just wounded, and witness his will leaving half of his wealth to the man he just tried so hard t...
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A Gallows Waited
With no home, no job, and her small amount of money dwindling too quickly, Sarah ran. Knowing the terror that would follow, she took the only refuge available to her, an unfinished house she'd inherited. She didn't know she would also inherit a long ...
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It's Still tommorw
"Are you not El Primero Sabe?" Paco asked, and William shook his head. Hiding behind a full beard to cover the scars, tinted hair and skin, he denied any special abilities. Had he any, he would have known to never rob that last stage. If he...
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Twisted Wind
Sara's lover has two faces. In her dreams he takes her to heights unimaginable. In her waking moments, he turns her cold, mocks her, pushes her, demands that she submit to him. With his death she learns new terror when dreams turn to living nightmare...
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Evil Refections
Gene DuBois, cynical and distrusting by nature, is fascinated with Heather Winstrobe from the first moment he sees her. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, spirits or mediums and certainly doesn't believe her warning that he is in danger. What is she...
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Thirteen Souls
Everyone knows Lon Van Anders is evil— infamous for his drinking, gambling, dueling and womanizing. Everyone knows he's a killer. Even his father hates him for causing the disappearance of his younger brother as a boy. After Lon ruins Catherine...
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Mark of the Sire
The boy was a puzzle, abused by the priests of Oldspushner, trained with the knowing by the sisters of Treach, he was dying when the assassin found him. The boy grew into the man calling himself Garran of Lockmer, a soldier for hire with a well known...
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The Knowing
Steven came to Morning Meadow just to see the mansion. Then he met Kari, strange, remote-- and the most alluring woman he'd ever met. But Kari has a secret. In fact, everyone at the Meadow has a secret, even the Meadow ghosts, and one of those secret...
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Mourning Meadow
Garrett is either in a coma, lost in crazy dreams or just plain crazy, locked in a padded cell living a delusion. Pig-like men don't come out of thin air with a weapon that punches holes through flesh and bone. There is no such thing as a Thornn rese...
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