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My first book, Jasmine's Urban Cowboys which will be the first of a series, titled Sensual Awakenings was just accepted by Menage Amour. It's scheduled to be released in May. The second book, entitled Sharing Brenda is completed and being readied for a summer release. The third book Vickie's Secret is underway.

Don't forget to check out the new book trailer video of Jasmine's Urban Cowboys, I just made.

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A Note From Laura Ashton

Having my book published is a dream come true. My first book, Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys is the first of a series entitled Sensual Awakenings. I write about ménages because, although I’ve not been fortunate to participate in one (One can dream can’t they?) nothing seems sexier or stimulates my imagination more than my heroine enjoying two or more hunky partners of the opposite sex. Grrrrrrrrr!
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Current Releases
[Ménage and More: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois/Quatre Romance, M/F/M, M/M/F/M] Well-bred and genteel, Valerie Johnson travels by train and stagecoach from Boston to join her husband three thousand miles away in Virginia City, Nevad...
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Soiled Dove and the Desperadoes (Taming the West)
A voice mail from her hubby, Marc, informs Sera that he and an old school chum are going out for drinks, and he wants her get all spiffed up and meet them at Christo’s for dinner and a night of dancing. At the restaurant, she takes a hard ri...
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Playtime with Sera
Victoria’s life is crap, working in a grubby men’s club, prancing around naked in front of a bunch of howling, hard core roosters. Even worse, she is the plaything of a man she doesn’t even like. She wants out bad, but she’s s...
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Victoria's Secret Life
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Brenda has been through enough relationship drama. After her husband was caught cheating at their wedding, she decides it's time to start over. Brenda leaves her fast-paced city life behind to start over on a ranch in east Texas. Part of her fresh...
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Sharing Brenda
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After a nightmare marriage and a bitter divorce, Jasmine is ready to celebrate big time. Jaz meets Ted and Gabe, two deliciously attractive, available men. Having spent a celibate year waiting for her divorce, waking up in the arms of a gorgeous hunk...
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Jasmine's Urban Cowboy's
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