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The scruffy-looking passenger turns out to be more trouble than Colleen “Cole” Beecher bargained for, especially when Blake becomes her patient.  After a suitor spurns her to marry a rich socialite, she travels to Washington City and...
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Impending Love and Lies
Politician Logan Pierce visits Darrow Falls, Ohio, to enlist support for the Union cause.  There, he meets the beautiful and strong-willed Jem Collins and insists she  remain at home for news of her husband, Ben, after the Battle of Bull Ru...
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Impending Love and Death
Cory Beecher didn’t mean to shoot handsome Tyler Montgomery and only kisses him so he doesn’t find the runaway slave in the barn.  Abolitionists never considered marrying slave owners, but her world explodes with new found desire whe...
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Impending Love and War
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