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Laura Hogg
Hello, I'm a romance author. Most of my work is historical, but I write paranormal and modern-day as well. My novel The 12th Kiss was released with Wings ePress in December 2007.  It's an adventurous Regency-set. 
Romeo vs. Juliet is my other novel, and it's out with The Wild Rose Press. It is a time-travel romance set partially in Elizabethan England. 
I have other stories ranging from sweet to sexy, short stories and novellas to full-length novels.
Take care, everyone! I wish you very well.
Laura Hogg
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Current Releases

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Emma the Outlaw
In the future war has wiped out four-fifths of the population. Governments have fallen, and a former covert agent wanders the wilderness with a group lending her skills where she can. She never expects to be crowned queen for her efforts, and she nev...
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For the Love of a Queen
This is a Vintage romance. Baby Vamp was a slang term used in the 1920s meaning an attractive or popular female. "Baby Vamp" is the second in the "Copacetic" series. Margaret is quite unlike her twin Claire, a flapper. Marga...
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Baby Vamp
Relief Moore is an American in London. She can fight and dresses as Raphael to battle crime. Lord Cheltham befriends Raphael. They peruse the streets stopping lawlessness. He doesn't know that Raphael is the woman he's in love with. When he finds ou...
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The 12th Kiss
A nightclub singer has troubling visions and an ex-boyfriend who won't let go.  A British record producer has strange premonitions about an American woman.  Can he get to her in time to prevent a tragedy of epic proportions?
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Double Vision
Claire is a woman searching for true love yet at the same time, craves strength and freedom of expression in the year 1924. She is in serious danger from her boyfriend and must in the end, save herself.
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Ambrose works for Queen Elizabeth Ist and has searched the centuries for his beloved Josephine, from Cleopatra's court and Charlemagne's service to 1950s America and the twenty second century. He has finally found her. He takes his love from twenty...
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Romeo vs. Juliet
Symon de Burgh is a knight in the fourteenth century. His family has taken ill with the Plague, and he is desperate to save them. His faith has been tested, and he carries serious doubts. But God sometimes answers prayers in highly unusual ways. Perh...
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Isanne's Revelation

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