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Laura Tolomei lives in Rome, Italy, and is the author of 28+ books in her very particular and unique genre Erotic Romance with an Edge. She has been traveling the globe since age five and has no intention of quitting. After having been an avid reader her entire life, she decided at age forty to write her own stories, the erotic romances with an edge that’s her brand, and has not looked back since. Writing novels that are on the edge of accepted conventions is her trademark, and she guarantees an erotic earthquake with each book! Among others, they include the scorching dark fantasy Virtus Saga books, all eight of them, along with the kindred spirits of both the ReScue and the Soulmate Series, not to mention her horror novels and a few historical ones, too. Extasy Books is one of her premier publishers specializing in erotic literature, but look for her work also on Romance Divine LLC.
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With original borderline stories at the edge of accepted conventions, Laura Tolomei guarantees an erotic earthquake with each new novel.

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Current Releases
When Prince Duncan Caldwell loses his way home and knocks on a stranger’s door, looking to find shelter, he doesn’t know his life is about to change forever. Not because he can’t tear his gaze away from the beautiful woman who opens...
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Virtus Sex
When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slav...
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Not In The Game (Virtus Saga Plus)
BLURB If she thought she’d have it easy, she was dead wrong. Leon Sterling is inflexible when it comes to his slaves, as Sean Davis well knows. Only now, Sean is his fellow master, Leon’s mastery over him having turned to fiery love du...
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The Enslavement of Janet (ReScue Series #3)
Angel or Demon? Angel and Demon! Two faces. One fucking gorgeous man! And only two people to switch him either way. Now he’s going to prove himself to the entire universe. The past in his power. The present in his lust. The future in his temper...
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The Lord (Virtus Saga #8)
Alone. The future of his world on his shoulders, Prince Duncan Caldwell has to connect the dots. To pick up the pieces of broken love. Before the new edition of the Game. Before the terrible loss awaiting him at Black Rose. But not alone. Not without...
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The Princess (Virtus Saga #7)
After suffering the loss of his lover, Rydan has visions of a mysterious creature in the forest, but only when he meets her in the flesh, he’ll learn about the secrets of sex and passion. But she also reveals disturbing truths about his world t...
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Slave For Sex
Nothing satisfies Lilly. Not even working at The Dungeon BDSM Club as a bondage slave for hire. A slave looking for her true master. None have fit the bill so far. Until Terry. He spins her craving to fever pitch. And she might just fall in love w...
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Bondage Slave for Hire
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Re-Scue spans four different lifetimes connected by an insane passion for sex and blood. The players - a hunter and his prey - change shapes and sexes, but their sensually seductive game is always as exciting as the first time. The rules are simple. ...
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Re-Scue the Audio Book (ReScue Series #1)
Kendryck's hunt of the vicious predator that is terrorizing the village brings him deep inside the forest where he meets Therry, an odd man who has chosen to live away from humans. As the hunt progresses, their friendship grows, soon turning i...
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Keylar has nightmares warning of impending disasters. She plans to take her people to safety, but a stranger says it’s a trap. Passionately involved, Keylar hesitates.
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The Moon Priestess
After their three-way pledge, Duncan sends Chris and Ylianor to spend the winter at Fair Haven, Chris’s home, while he trains his growing Virt at Black Rose, while planning the Hall’s future, which will include having his lovers as teache...
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The Heat (Virtus Saga #6)
After Ylianor, turned little girl, is taken prisoner by Virtus before she can utter her pledge vows to Chris, a series of terrifying nightmares plague people. Duncan asks Chris to lead the Dream Chasers, a group of council members, with the power to ...
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The Pledge (Virtus Saga #5)
The Leader is the fourth chapter of the Virtus Saga and picks up from where Book 3, The Festival, left off, with Duncan Caldwell, Christopher Templeton and Ylianor Caldwell separating. The book starts with Chris’s return home to Fair Haven and ...
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The Leader (Virtus Saga #4)
The story picks up from where To Seduce A Soul Mate left off, with Martin and Drake, the devil and the pirate, going to Ireland to celebrate Christmas with Martin’s family. The story had started the Thanksgiving before, with Martin and Drake me...
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The Pirate's Surrender (Soulmate Series #2)
The prequel to Tasting Leon’s Mark, the bloody game that started it all with the inter-play of different lifetimes all aiming for the same passionate lust. Divided into 4 books, the story takes place in four different worlds, with eight differe...
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Re-scue (ReScue Series #1)
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The Demon Waiter - HOT MM excerpt
A shape shifting horror fantasy set in medieval times told by Ilenio, a young man from a small village who is chosen by the a high-ranking nobleman, Lord Brahany, to solve a series of brutal murders because he alone s the Visionario that can turn ...
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Situations change fast and Prince Duncan Caldwell, as the new leader of Sendar, is now in charge of the pyramid’s destiny. And like Arthur Fairchild before him, he knows his duty is to put it back from where Cecilia Huts stole it. But first his...
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The Festival (Virtus Saga #3)
After discovering where the missing pyramid has been hidden, Prince Duncan Caldwell goes to retrieve it, together with his lover, Christopher Templeton, and the woman whom they seem to have no choice but to bring along, Ylianor Meyer. But once they g...
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The Game (Virtus Saga #2)
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Together, Leon and Sean have just moved to San Francisco. Their connection dates back lifetimes ago and to a sensually bloody game of knife and sex they used to play under different shapes and lives, spanning time and space. Incredibly, they both rem...
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Tasting Leon's Mark (ReScue Series #2)
The World Sex, sex and more sex without limits or boundaries—not in numbers, not in gender, whether it’s the phase, the pledge or the heat—such is Sendar’s very foundation, an apparently peaceful planet, without the usual p...
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The Sex (Virtus Saga #1)
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To find a soulmate was Martin’s goal, one he couldn’t fulfil no matter how much booze, drugs or sex he consumed until one day he gave up and got married. How was he to know it would be the start of everything? Drake thought it was just...
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To Seduce A Soul Mate (Soulmate Series #1)
Abandoned by his mother to a Druid’s care, Cedric grows in the forest, learning the ropes of an age-old calling, trained in the art of healing and divination. But he’s not sure he is right for the role since strange, disturbing dreams ...
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Bloody Passion
During an archaeological expedition in Sicily, Valerio, the Italian university professor in charge of works, finds a medallion dated 1st Century AD depicting the scene of a man and woman making love. Intrigued, he brings it to his hotel room and f...
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Spying the Alcove
1st century AD, Egypt, sun, heat, passion and the army…can these ingredients shape the destiny of two Roman soldiers? Don’t miss the sensually hot prequel to TRESPASSING ALL HALLOWS EVE! Alexandria, Egypt, hot sun melts the senses and...
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Roman Seduction (Trespassing Series #1)
Will the handsome stranger convince the bloodthirsty sorcerer to stop vicious human sacrifices? But can he afford to pay the price to fulfil his quest?   Sex in exchange of blood. That’s how Rowen convinces Mylos to stop his vio...
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Sacrificial Sex
Through time and space, there's a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one's destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate l...
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Captured by his fantasy heroine Shield, comic book artist Troy Haynes will learn from the Guardian of the sacred passageway about the beginning of Halloween.   Different dimensions clashing, from India to mythical Avalon, Brighit’s h...
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Trespassing All Hallows Eve (Trespassing Series #2)

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