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Lauren was born in a sleepy lakeside village in England. She is a true romantic who writes sexy,thrilling romance novels. Her leading men are handsome, sexy and strong and they love to please, thrill and delight their women in and out of the bedroom! Her leading ladies are equals and also feminine, intelligent and astute. Lauren always manages to include some humour in her books, as she believes life would be very dull without it, even if you are having the hottest sex of your life, you still need to find time to laugh! 

 Lauren also loves to write about rogues and in her next series, 'Vampires of Varna' she explores her darker side in the shape of Raphael Visconti, a devious, sexualy overt centuries old vampire.He is deliciously evil!

Her first novel, 'Her Heart's Desire' book one in her Highcroft series is available through Sirenbookstrand.

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AVAILABLE: Wednesday, July 13th This new release is offered at a 10% discount until July 20th. [Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romantic Suspense, vampires, public exhibition, spanking] Charles Pryce is sinfully sexy. Women fall at hi...
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Eternal Desires
When Marisa applies for a PA job to an English aristocrat, she expects a stuffy, older gentleman.  James St John is anything but. He is an extremely good-looking thirtysomething English charmer. Sparks fly, and the attraction is intense. ...
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Her Heart's Desire
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] When Marisa applies for a PA job to an English aristocrat, she expects a stuffy, older gentleman, but James St John is anything but. He is an extremely good-looking thirtysomething English charmer. ...
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her Hearts Desire
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Review. her Heart's Desire by Marissa at the Fictional Bookshelf.

Lauren Wilder created a HOT romance with two main characters that are perfect for one another. To add to the tale are a couple secondary characters that improve the storyline - not take away from it. The variety of characters (main and secondary) create a story that I easily found myself reading from beginning to end without taking a break.

The actual heat - well let’s just say Lauren painted a vivid picture and I didn’t have to imagine or guess what the pair, Marissa and James, were doing. The couple was amazing. I had a hard time getting to sleep because the lovemaking scenes were hard to erase from my mind and that’s a good thing.

The heat gets an A from me.

Why I would recommend this book;
1. The heatwas exceptional.
2. This book wasn’t just about how well the characters could do it. The plot was realistic. It was sweet in some spots, hot in others and sad in a couple areas. I don’t want to giveaway to much and spoil the book’s tale.
3. Marisa, the main female, was easy to like. I actually felt sad for her when something at the beginning happened. The person who caused her sadness made me want to ring his or her neck. (Still not revealing anything) She wasn’t too powerful or too weak either. She was the right mix of everything - emotions, personality, characteristics, and reactions.
4. Unlike some stories where certain words or lines are redundant throughout the book, Lauren skillfully wrote each page with freshness. I didn’t find myself saying, “Wait a minute I just read this somewhere,” Or “Don’t they know any other words?” I really like Lauren’s writing style.
5. This story has a happy conclusion one that I especially liked (still won’t tell you anything).
6. James, the main male, made me wish there were more like him.

This book gets 5 out of 5 crows

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