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Laurie is a native of Jamestown NY, however she has planted her roots in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. She lives there with husband Danny and a multitude of Kids and animals she shares her life with. Laurie loves to read anything she can get her hands on, when she can find the time between writing, editing, being a wife and mother and working part-time both in a Primitive Count Gift Shop and selling Tupperware. As you can probably surmise, she keeps busy, she even decorates cakes on the side.

Writing is like breathing for her, if she isn't writing, she feels horrible. Most of her work is historical romance in nature, however she does have a contemporary short romance in an anthology for the charity Musicares Foundation. You can find excerpts of her work on her website.

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A Note From Laurie M Sorensen

Hello to all readers and reviewers out there. I hope you find my books and book covers interesting enough to entice you to read them. I enjoyed writing them for the world to see. If you like my work, bookmark my website and visit often to keep tabs on me.

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Current Releases

Available Now!
The Pirate Princess
Duty, love and passion take flight on the wings of destiny. Compelled by honor and duty, Night Ravenwood leaves the only life he knows to return home after his brother’s death. He’s the new heir to Ravenwood Manor and the Earldom; at h...
Available Now!
Ravenwood: Night's Salvation

A Peek Into the Life of Laurie M Sorensen

Night's Salvation book cover

Night's Salvation book cover
The Pirate Princess book cover

The Pirate Princess book cover
The Bride's Journey book cover Coming August 13th

The Bride's Journey book cover Coming August 13th

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