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I want to make you see the world through the eyes of my characters, if only for a moment.  At eleven I started writing fanciful stories, centered on my friends.  I guess I still do that. 

Three writers have left an indelible stamp on me: Anton Chekov, Winston Graham (Poldark Saga) and Laura Lippman.  Those are the master story tellers that I try to imitate like a 12-year-old in Little League does Cal Ripken. 

I grew up in Baltimore and, though now I make my home in Washington State, the charms and faults of that wonderful city are a big part of who I am.  

For twenty years I made my living as a cost analyst, including overseas stints as a contractor in Qatar, Bahrain, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.   


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The New Road will take you on a young mother’s tumultuous ride, from love to deception, from sweet stability to bold dreams and self discovery.
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The New Road
  Cathedral Street follows Buddy Miller as he struggles to remain free, haunted by the secret of his father’s murder.  He and his brothers find peace and redemption, but in startlingly different ways...
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Cathedral Street
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