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LeaNore Elliott

I am published by 4 different publishers and in 2010, I wrote 10 novels. They are all contracted, released and or about to be. I had 3 releases,  just in May 2011 alone.

Leanore is my Muse's  name and I picked it as a pen name to give her the credit, which is due to her. The name is from "Quote The Raven" By Poe.

In 2011 so far, Leanore and i have penned 3 novels and two short stories.

These erotic tales which I have supposedly written are so unique, creative and steamy that I felt I simply could not have spun them. I am a glorified editor and formatter and I represent Leanore Elliott.

Once you read a tale spun by this Wicked Muse? You will be helplessly hooked just as I am.


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Current Releases
9 stories. Over 1000 pages long. That will rock your world! For limited time only 0.99 cents. Title: Beautifully Destroyed- Beautifully Series Author: Gracie Wilson Tagline: Even something once destroyed can be beautiful again. Title: The ...
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Rock My World: Anthology
  Everyone secretly yearns to be wild and uninhibited—everyone, whether they admit to it or not. During the hottest night of debauchery in New Orleans, Jazz yearns for someone who is not there, someone she never even officially ...
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Lipstick & Jazz (The Edge series)
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The meanest, grittiest work on Earth, fighting a demon with a roaring power to burn away land, animals and human flesh from the bone.  Belle was doing what she'd dreamed of, for her whole life. She was a Hotshot, part of the most elite ...
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Realm Of Fire
In an assassin's world, every night is the perfect night for the perfect kill. At least that is how Trace Victors - a professional Hit Woman - is programed to think. But something is changing, and the job doesn't feel quite the same anymor...
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The Beholder
For the first time in her orderly life, Maddy Sayers is lost. She is lost in Nowhere, but does she really want to go back to find that world of everything? Madeline knew where she was going in life, reaching up the ladder for everything that money...
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Nowhere, Arizona

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