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LJ Collins was born and raised in London where he worked as a senior management consultant, but he gave up all that glamor and glory to move to Tenerife 16 years ago to pursue a more fulfilling life and focus on his writing. He lives with his ex Spanish partner who he has known for 14 years, so he speaks Spanish practically all day and every day. Thank goodness he has his books and English speaking friends to remind him of his origins. You will find a lot of Spanish influence in his books. It's quite an eye opener!

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A Note From Lee J Collins

Please take the time to look at my website and watch my book trailer videos. There are lots of (unexpected) suprises and treats in store for you if you love reading m/m romance books with lots of twists and turns.



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Current Releases

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Rough Trade

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Royal Service
Do you really know who is hiding behind that computer screen at the other end? Find out before you go falling in love with them because there are those who prey on lost and lonely hearts. After the distress of dealing with a failed relationship an...
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Computer Lover
No truer words can be said—life isn’t always as it seems—especially when it throws a dangerous concoction of its mind-blowing elements straight at you. Coming from an underprivileged background in the East End of London, Berkeley...
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Sun, Sea and a Contemporary Art Gallery
It’s not every day a God risks his Godly powers and life to travel to Earth so he can express his undying love for you. What’s in a dream? Maybe nothing or everything. There’s certainly more to it when the same dream keeps recurr...
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The 12 Gods
Beyond the magical beauty lies danger and fear, but one cute and determined human is not about to let brawn beat brains and stand in the way of his love, illusion and survival, no matter how barbaric things get. When the cruise ship Luke Ganes is ...
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Mistela (Men In Love and at War #1)

A Peek Into the Life of Lee J Collins

Trust your editor

Trust your editor
Why you need to trust your editor

Why you need to trust your editor

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